How to uninstall Flair from your shop

You can follow these steps to remove Flair from your shop.

Uninstalling the Flair app

First off you can safely uninstall Flair from your store at any time by visiting your Apps and clicking the trash can icon next to the Flair app.

Check out the official Shopify instructions for removing apps for more info.

Removing the badges from your theme

Flair adds a snippet to your Shopify theme called snippets/flair-product-badges.liquid. To remove any Flair badges from showing in your shop:

Open the file snippets/flair-product-badges.liquid in the Shopify Theme Editor.
Clear the contents and click Save.

NOTE: Do not delete this snippet file until you've removed any include lines as outlined below

Removing the Flair snippet include statements

This step is optional, but recommended so you don't leave Flair remnants lying around in your theme.

To fully remove Flair, you need to remove the Flair snippet include lines anywhere you added them.

To find out which files to change, you can find a full list of instructions for most Shopify themes here.

In this case you are looking to remove the Flair include line which looks similar to this:

{% include 'flair-product-badges' %}

Once you remove all the Flair snippet includes you can then delete the snippets/flair-product-badges.liquid.

Need help uninstalling?

If you have trouble with this uninstall, feel free to contact me via the link at the bottom of this page and I'd be happy to help.

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